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Ever since the first Corvette rolled off the assembly line in 1953, there have been many kids dreaming of someday owning one of America's premier sports cars.  Well, the long wait is over-the kids have grown up and are now cruisn' in their 'Vettes.  So come and join us- THE UNOFFICIAL CORVETTE CLUB -as we hit the highways and back roads of Arizona and beyond.  We are all still kids at heart-only now we're doing it the way we always dreamed of-with the top down and the hum of rubber on asphalt (or the rumble of a custom dual exhaust system) in our ears.  So take a few moments and check out our website.  We plan several events a year including our ever popular Dinner Drives and Overnight Road Trips. We attend and participate in car shows, wine tastings, social gatherings, charity events, several full day trips to unique locations and just about any other social event that may be suggested by our club members.  So please take a glance at the club's Information Page, photos of past events and our club's Guidelines and plan on joining us soon-you just may be surprised at the fun you have and the new friends you meet.

WHO WE ARE...... 

We are THE UNOFFICIAL CORVETTE CLUB,  founded in August 2004 in the Valley of the Sun.  Our founding members are Corvette enthusiasts who established the Club to enjoy and share similar social interests and doing it with America’s one true sports car- the Corvette.  However, owning a Corvette is not a requirement to participate. Only a willingness to have fun while supporting the Club's events and abide by the  club's Guidelines.  Our goals include having fun, establishing lasting friendships and supporting worthy causes.  All our events are organized by Club volunteers who provide the time and effort to make each event a success.  You may be interested in the Corvette and want to get to know it and the folks who drive them.  That burning question-Why a Corvette?-may just be answered for you on one of our Dinner Drives or Overnight Road Trips.   Our Club members can fill you in on the ins and outs of owning one-especially a black Corvette in Arizona.  So take a ride with us-you may just be ready to trade up to a Legend.